Nice choice of panties. :-)
Horizontal stripes accentuate the curves so nicely.

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Oh, lovely…the look in her eyes and the way she looks at the camera are very suggestive.

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Anonymous asked:

Hi, it's the 17 year old from Australia here.. Thank you for such a kind answer! I was wondering if you had any tips for building self esteem..? I really don't like anything about myself (other than my bum, coincidentally) and I'm worried that that would hurt my chances with finding a dominant when the time comes... Also, do you have any tips on maybe... Talking to that cute guy at work? Cause I know I'm definitely not the most beautiful belle at the ball, but he seems to like me... Thank you!<3


Hi again, 17 from Australia, :-)

You’re welcome, I try my best to help when I can. Your question is hard to answer though. Building self-esteem is not done overnight. One thing that I can tell you, is to stop feeding your negative self image by thinking badly about yourself or the way you look. Stop comparing yourself with photos of women in magazines because nobody looks like that, not even the women in magazines. I honestly don’t think anybody is happy with their look in a mirror. Besides that, there’s a lot more than looks to a person.

As to not being the most beautiful belle at the ball, well…if the cute guy at work doesn’t seem to mind that, why would you? If he seems to like you, that could mean that to him, you are the most beautiful belle at the ball. Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. If he already likes you, just be yourself. Why not go and ask him if he wants to have a cup of coffee with your at lunch?